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2023 ASFNR-NMA Joint Award

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Both the discovery of the x-ray and the founding of the National Medical Association (NMA) occurred in 1895. Radiologists have participated importantly in the NMA since the lecture of Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland at the 1909 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, which led to his election as president of the NMA for the following year. The Section on Radiology was founded in 1949 with Dr. William Allen as its first Section Chair.

Welcome Message
It is only fitting that we return to Atlanta, Georgia, the city of our founding in 1895 at the First Congregational church. The NMA's Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly will be held in person and portions of the meeting will also be virtual. The health and safety of all of our convention attendees is of utmost importance to us. We look forward to seeing you soon!"
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